Join us for Chair Yoga after Worship & Fellowship this Sunday, Sept 3!

Susan Mickelberry, a professional yoga teacher and new addition to our church will be leading us in chair yoga after worship and fellowship on the first Sunday of every month.  The first Sunday of the month is also our Communion and CommUnity Dinner sunday, so enjoy communion during worship with us, load up on wonderful comfort food for lunch during our fellowship time and then enjoy the relaxation and meditation of Chair Yoga!

Susan has been leading chair yoga classes for five years and she delights in leading groups.

No special clothes are needed, but loose, comfortable clothes are recommended.



Love your Frenemy

Frenemies are people you both have a relationship with while you are are in competition or conflict. The sermon this Sunday, Feb 19 looks at what ‘Love your enemy’ means for you when your relationships are complex.

In the name of… Paul?

Join us this Sunday, Jan 22, 2017, when we’ll take a look at 1 Corinthians 1:10-18 and conflict in the early church.

“Time for your first lesson in butting heads.”


Storm Watch…

As storm clouds gather in the Gulf, we ask of church member that you keep your family safe and watch out for ways to help your neighbors. May God keep us safe and lead us to acts of grace and love.