Musings from the PC(USA) General Assembly 223

June 16 to 23,  2018, I went as a part of a team of delegates and commissioners representing the Presbytery of St. Augustine to the 223rd PC(USA) General Assembly. Before and after each of us posted our musings, both profound and silly, about the event.  The full list of musings from all the team can be found here. Below are my posts from the event.

Preparations – Thursday, June 14, 2018

Until about a week ago, I thought of General Assembly in the abstract as a bureaucratic machine, an engine chugging along, mostly silent, but with the occasional warning whistle or mechanical groan, an engine which has the purpose of keeping the wheels of our denomination ever-moving towards the future.

I volunteered to participate as a cog in this machinery in part so I could grow my knowledge of this denomination, which has been so much a part of my adult life, and in part because I thought it would be a semi-vacation, an early-summer break in the everyday challenges of my life as pastor, software developer, and parent.

After I received my committee assignment and I was sent information about the overtures and issues with which I needed to become conversant, the seriousness of the week ahead began to sink in.  [Read more…]

Join us during Easter week!

We have a special holy week planned!

10:00 am  Sunday March 25 – Festive Palm Sunday Service

5:30 pm Friday March 30 – Somber Good Friday Service

9:15 am  Sunday April 1 – Tasty Easter Sunday Breakfast

10:00 am Sunday April 1 – Joyful Easter Communion Service – Outdoors!


Giving Thanks with Grace!

Join us and Grace Presbyterian church for a Thanksgiving worship service and prime rib dinner on Wednesday, Nov 22 at 5:30pm.  The dinner and service will be held this year at Covenant Presbyterian church. Vegetarian options are available, so come join us for worship and food!

Celebrate All Saints with us on Sunday, Nov 5

Join us in remembering people important to us, living or dead, famous or obscure, who have been examples of the faith and have been inspirations in our own walk with Christ.

After worship we’ll enjoy Ivy House chicken, greens, cornbread and tossed salad for our CommUnity dinner, and then we’ll have a chair yoga meditation session.

Praying For a Speedy Recovery after Irma

When the power went on at the Covenant Presbyterian Church building the day after the storm, there was dancing and shouts of joy by the people temporarily sheltering there from the storm.

The boards protecting the stained glass window have now been taken down, repairs are being made, linens washed, and new flowers planted.

I know there are still people with power out and who are clearing out storm damage. Our prayers are with you, and our thanks go out to all those who are helping our community and other communities recover.