Faith Is..

Tomorrow we celebrate communion and join together for a CommUnity dinner afte worship.  Our sermon is ‘Faith is…’

The Whisper of Good News

Scruffy and Curious

When my family found ‘Pixel’, an abandoned cat, in our backyard, I rushed to tell the news; I took her picture and posted it around town. I texted friends for ideas and advice. My daughter posted the cat’s picture on her Facebook page. One of our friends posted on Gainesville Pet Finder for us.

When we found out that Pixel needed surgery, I again rushed to tell the news with pictures, texts, and stories. Messenger texts flew back and forth. I got a phone call from a relative that I didn’t think even knew what the Internet was, let alone have an account on Facebook, asking how the surgery went.When we found out that Pixel had picked up an odd maladaptive behavior, we posted about it and the advice poured in. We were thankful to get ideas, to hear stories of other cats’ successes, and to share pictures. It was as if we found a whole new community online, rallying around a small cat’s misfortune and hope for redemption.

And then… good things started happening. [Read more…]

The Gator and the Lamb

A friend of mine, a new Gainesville resident, was enjoying her early spring evening, when she opened a door and nearly walked into a gator wandering in the parking lot outside.  She tells me the whole event was captured on video.

On the video you can see her jolt of surprise, see her slam the door shut, and then slowly ease it open so she can lean her head out to take another look. The gator opened his mouth wide and hissed at her. She slammed the door shut, carefully eased her arm and her phone out so she could take a picture to send to animal control, then slammed it shut again. [Read more…]

Yet Another Healing Story

Heart in the stone fence

Join us tomorrow, June 5 at 10:00 am for worship, communion,  and  a delicious CommUnity dinner (grilled chicken salad, bread,  and dessert, YUM!), as our sermon takes a look at  ‘Yet Another Healing Story.’

There are over 30 healing stories in the gospels, over 50 if you count the different depictions of the same story in each gospel separately.  That’s a lot of stories. If you layer them together and then look for the simplest, most common theme, you may discover something surprising.

Tomorrow we’re looking at Luke 7:11-17, a no-frills, bare-bones, lowest-common-denominator kind of story about healing and resurrection. Yet despite being ‘Yet Another Healing Story’  it may have something very special to say, after all.