Celtic Sunday with Communion

On Sunday, May, 1st CPC celebrated communion with a Celtic-inspired liturgy. An example from the service was our Affirmation of Faith that read:

Our God is the God of all humanity,

of heaven and earth, of the seas and the rivers,

of the sun and the moon, and all the stars,

God of the highest mountains and of the lowest valleys,

over heaven, in heaven and under heaven.

God is present in all things in heaven and earth and seas,

inspires all things, brings life to all things,

is over all things and supports all things.

God makes the light of the sun to shine,

and surrounds the moon and stars,

brings water to the deserts and places dry islands in the sea.

God’s Son lives as God lives,

eternal and holy.

The Holy Spirit breathes in the Father and the Son

and the Holy Spirit lives in God the Christ.

God is forever.

God is now.

The following week our Sunday after-worship class will begin studying “Listening for the Heartbeat of God: A Celtic Spirituality” by J. Philip Newell.

Celtic Cross