Good News in Calico

Pixel after her surgery

Pixel after her surgery

I first decided to get a Facebook account when I heard a preacher railing against it as a ‘terrible evil’ at a youth conference several years back. To my surprise, once I signed into Facebook, the majority of the posts I saw were primarily about…. (you guessed it) cats, cats and more cats.

In addition to cats, the posts I saw were about sunrises, particularly beautiful azalaes in grown in someone’s back yard, silly pet bloopers, and other passing moments of quiet joys and smiles that usually go forgotten. These weren’t the only posts I saw, but they represented a surprisingly large proportion.

What I saw posted were everyday moments of grace and joy.

MeditationYou don’t see these moments expressed on the evening news channels along side videos of bombs blasting hospital buildings and the latest political scandal. You don’t read about them in the papers (electronic sites or delivered to your door). They are usually experienced when one is alone, and happen so quickly or so peacefully that one wonders if they really happened. They are so brief and ephemeral that they usually don’t find themselves in every-day conversations: In the amount of time it would take to exactly articulate why that humming bird looking back at you outside your kitchen window was so cute and surprising, the bird might have hatched her second batch of eggs, and your listener, if still awake, would be wondering what particularly mellow brand of prescription drug you were on.

But take a quick phone snap of that humming bird, post it on facebook, and suddenly the world can share that moment of joy with you.

It’s these little graces that I often try to invoke in conversations and while preaching; the aftermation that there is goodness in the world, despite the gossip and ill will we often show towards each other; graces that bring us together and give us the hope that possibly (paw-sibly?) God still loves us.

Because I have not had the honor of being a cat owner, I have not had the joy of contributing to that body of ‘su-purr-lative litter-a-ture’ until now.

Today I have good news; good cat news. Pixel is back from surgery. She had 5 teeth extracted and she has been given her own temporary personal supply of morphine. There was no sign of cancer and no need to take a biopsy.

Pixel after her surgery

Pixel after her surgery

I have even more good news: we may have identified a potential candidate for her new owner. We hope to do some match making with the family during the next two weeks to find out if they are a good fit.

So today, today I have Easter-like good news:  Dare I say it? – The half-dead cat is alive, thriving and purring.  Moments like this one make it worth while to risk and to love one’s neighbors, feline or human. Moments like this one gives me a small glimpse into how insanely joyful those disciples must have been after Christ’s resurrection.

Hm… maybe I’ll post this moment on Facebook.