Yet Another Healing Story

Heart in the stone fence

Join us tomorrow, June 5 at 10:00 am for worship, communion,  and  a delicious CommUnity dinner (grilled chicken salad, bread,  and dessert, YUM!), as our sermon takes a look at  ‘Yet Another Healing Story.’

There are over 30 healing stories in the gospels, over 50 if you count the different depictions of the same story in each gospel separately.  That’s a lot of stories. If you layer them together and then look for the simplest, most common theme, you may discover something surprising.

Tomorrow we’re looking at Luke 7:11-17, a no-frills, bare-bones, lowest-common-denominator kind of story about healing and resurrection. Yet despite being ‘Yet Another Healing Story’  it may have something very special to say, after all.